• Healthy Gums and your body

Healthy Gums Is Important For Your General Health

Looking after your teeth and having healthy gums is as important for your general health as physical excercise is to keeping your heart and lungs healthy.

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  • Smoking and Gum Disease

Smoking and Gum Disease

Regular targeted use of the GumSaver will help by stimulating the gum tissue in your mouth, helping to draw blood back to your gums and allowing the bodys own natural health mechanisms to defend against the gum disease.

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  • Robyn


The Evolution of a Dental Device. One of our users explains what it was like to be the first person to use our GumSaver prototype and how it helped her cure her periodontitis and restored her confidence to smile.

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  • Elderly

Concerns for Oral Health in Care Homes

Our brush can cure bleeding gums preventing serious problems such as heart disease and diabetes. GumSaver cures gum disease, we feel it should also be part of your regular oral health routine no matter how old.

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  • National Smile Month Logo

Top tips to get The Perfect Smile

We are celebrating National Smile Month 2014, which is a national campaign to help people attain the perfect smile and attain a greater level of dental hygiene.

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  • Gumsaver lecture at BSDHT

How Effective is The GumSaver for your Dental Hygiene ?

At a lecture given to the British Society of Dental Hygiene & Therapy (BSDHT) in the Midlands UK. The results of study highlighting how effective the GumSaver can be for people suffering with differing levels of periodontitis and gingivitis were unveiled.

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  • GumSaver shows at FDM Barcelona

GumSaver debuts in Barcelona Spain

In June 2013 GumSaver® presented at the FDM in Barcelona, Spain. The super-soft gum brush was revealed to the delegates at the hygienist symposium amid great interest.

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  • europeriologo

GumSaver® presents at Europerio 2012 in Vienna

The GumSaver® was showcased at the Europerio Conference in Vienna Austria for the first time in 2012 by its inventor Dr. Hani Mostafa

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  • qicdiabeteslogo

QIC Diabetes Quality in Care Finalists

QIC Diabetes is the first of the Quality in Care programmes and has been welcomed as an exciting initiative by NHS Diabetes and Diabetes UK and developed with them."

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  • dh&tlogo

Dr. Hani to speak at DH&T Conference February 8th 2013

A clinical study presentation on the treating and preventing of Gum Disease using Gumsaver, with reports from Europerio and IADR case studies.

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