The health of your gums is vital to ensuring that your teeth and body stay healthy!

Did you know that over 30% of all adult tooth loss is as a direct result of severe periodontal gum disease and that gum disease is the world’s most common disease?

From developing nations to the world wealthiest economies, people suffer with dental problems ranging from mild gum sensitivity to bleeding gums and severe gingivitis.  Sore and swollen gums are often the first signs of periodontal gum disease and are often overlooked until more serious symptoms like tooth decay and gum ulcers occur. This can lead to lengthy, painful and expensive trips to your dentist.

Simply, if you suffer from sore and bleeding gums, you will need a course of periodontal treatment, as well as dental work to repair the cavities in your teeth. Studies have shown that people with periodontal disease are also more likely to suffer with heart disease and other non-dental health issues.

Gum Health Information

Bleeding gums and bad breath are often the first signs of gum disease.  If left untreated this can lead to patients needing periodontal gum treatment for abscesses as well as the need for antibiotics to treat Gingivitis, Periodontitis and other painful gum diseases. Untreated, gums will become infected and begin to recede often forming pockets of disease around the gum line leading to premature and avoidable tooth loss.  This tooth loss is a consequence of advanced gum disease – known medically as Periodontitis.

Using a good quality tooth brush and dental floss with regular visits to the dentist is often not enough for many people to prevent the onset of gum disease as they are only effective at cleaning parts of the mouth that are easily accessible. GumSaver was specifically designed to give you the ability to clean the parts of your gums that are not so easy to get to … by effectively cleaning under the gum line. This is where the small pockets of decay form, made of food particles and debris in the mouth that gather below the gum line and over time, begin to decay leading to gum disease.

More Information on Gum Health

GumSaver is a dental innovation in the fight against gum disease as well as an preventative tool for people with healthy teeth and gums. For many people trips to the dentist are literally a “pain”. With regular use GumSaver allows preventative and effective self-treatment of gum disease and will help prevent and cure bad breath.

Prevention of gum disease is always better than curing it, but in the battle against periodontal disease; using GumSaver will help to reverse gum disease naturally and is a chemical free way of improving your gum health. Useful for treating early gum disease in children with “milk teeth,” GumSaver can be used to prevent and treat even young children safely and naturally.

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