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Do You Need To Go To The Dentist If You Think You Have Gum Disease?

A common question I get asked is whether you must always go to your dentist if you think you have gum disease. It's not always necessary as I explain here, but one thing you should never do it bury your head in the sand!

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Are Inactive Middle Aged Men More Prone To Gum Disease?

We all know that keeping active is good for us but did you know that you're more at risk of gum disease if you don't do some form of exercise in middle life? Here's why.

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Gaps Look Cute In Children’s Teeth: But Not Adults!

Tooth loss in children as a result of losing milk teeth is natural, but tooth loss in adults is not a milestone you should be celebrating. Tips for prevention here.

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How Bad Is It To Not Brush Your Teeth Before Bed?

How important is it really to brush your teeth before you go to bed? In this post Dr Hani shares why brushing teeth last thing at night is vital for healthy teeth and gums.

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How To Treat Gum Disease In 5 Easy Steps

Mild gum disease, otherwise know as gingivitis, can be treated without the need for professional help. Here are 5 steps for the treatment of gum disease.

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5 Healthy Foods For Healthy Teeth And Gums

Can you boost your oral health by eating certain foods? Here we share 5 healthy foods that can also help your teeth and gums stay healthy too.

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Links Between Gum Disease And Alzheimer’s

Studies show a potential link between Alzheimer's and gum disease. Here we offer advice and for those affected by these conditions, and support for carers.

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Don’t Forget To Pack Your Toothbrush!

What to do if you forget your toothbrush! From saying 'I need a toothbrush' in 6 different languages, to brushing your teeth without one - holiday tips here!

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Natural Ways To Treat Gum Disease At Home

To treat gum disease you don't always have to get medical help or use an aggressive therapy. Here are 5 natural ways to treat mild gum disease (gingivitis):

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Advice For Diabetics On Oral Hygiene

If you have diabetes it is extremely important you look after your oral hygiene and pay special attention to the health of your teeth and gums. Here we explain why and offer some tips for doing so.

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