Diabetes type II and GumSaver

There is a huge concern regarding the Impact of Type II diabetes on the general population.  Current data suggests that in 2010 there were 3.1 million patients with diabetes. By 2030 the figure will be closer to 4.6 million. Studies have shown a clear link between between patients suffering with gum disease and Type II diabetes. At GumSaver we’re committed to helping people to help themselves and reduce the burden of gum disease for patients suffering with diabetes.

Diabetes and Gum Disease

There is an established but complicated medical link between Gum Disease and Type II diabetes, which is supported by both epidemiological and clinical studies.

People with diabetes are at higher risk of Gum Disease, which can in turn further complicate problems associated with diabetes.

Gum Disease acquired by people with diabetes, can also act to exacerbate complications with the condition, such as nerve damage, kidney disease, cardiovascular problems and deterioration of vision. This is due to the inflammation caused by bacteria infecting the mouth. This inflammation results in a chemical change which reduced the effectiveness of insulin, and causes blood sugar levels to rise.

Causes of Diabetes Type II

Poorly controlled diabetes acts to increase levels of glucose in the mouth, which encourages and facilitates the growth of bacteria, which can lead to Gum Disease. In addition to this, diabetes can act to alter the structure of blood vessels, decreasing and limiting the efficiency of blood flow. This can weaken bones and gums, making them more vulnerable to infection.

How can GumSaver help with Diabetes Type II?

A study by the University of Edinburgh showed that reducing gum inflammation in people with diabetes can help to minimise and control complications associated with the condition. GumSaver will help reduce this inflammation and in turn minimise complications.

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