The GumSaver gum brush allows you to clean below the gum-line, where the bacteria that causes gum disease are found and where other brushes, interdentals and floss can’t reach. Keeping these awkward areas free from bacteria will get rid of all your symptoms such as inflammation, soreness and bleeding gums. It is a simple but effective tool to keep periodontal disease at bay.

When using the GumSaver, the twin brush heads are used alternately, according to which side of your teeth and gums are being cleaned. Using a mirror and under good light.(so you have a close view of your teeth and gums). Place one of the bristle tips in the area between your gum, and tooth you wish to clean teeth. Gently push the head into the area between the gum and tooth, clean this area using a back and forward movement , this will help clear any build up of debris and infection below the gum line . Once all the teeth and gums on the inside of the mouth have been cleaned, this action should be repeated on the outside of the gum line with the alternate head on the Gumsaver. This technique can be used on your upper of lower teeth.
Particular attention should be paid to the pockets of space in between your teeth, as this is where gum disease is often most prevalent.

If you are suffering with gum disease in the form Periodontitis or Gingivitis. We recommend you use the GumSaver every day to begin with. Brushing for around 5-10 minutes a day. Once you start to recover from the gum disease, your gums will stop bleeding and become less painful and inflammed. You will notice your gums tightening around your teeth and becoming more pink and healthy in colour.
At this point you can begin to use your GumSaver 2-4 times a week. You will no longer need to use it it daily.
It is important that using the GumSaver should complement your usual tooth brushing routine, not replace it. Keep brushing your teeth normally with your usual toothbrush as well.

If you are suffering with Periodontitis or other gum disease, you may already be treating these areas using Chlorhexadine gel or mouthwash.
The GumSaver may be used as an applicator for the gel, allowing you target affected areas accurately and conveniently. The long handle of the GumSaver allows you to easily reach the hard to access areas at the back of your mouth.
To use the GumSaver as an applicator. Dip the bristle heads into the gel or mouthwash and brush the into the infected area.
Normal toothpaste may also be used with the GumSaver.
For the best results we recommend using Oral B Chlorhexadine gel or mouthwash.

Using the GumSaver should complement your regular tooth brushing regime, not replace it.
GumSaver allows easy access to the areas below the gum line that you are unable to reach with a conventional toothbrush or floss. 
Keep brushing your teeth with your normal toothbrush, and floss as normal.Follow this up using the GumSaver to deep clean below the gum line. Especially if you are suffering with bleeding or sore gums.

Don’t worry, this is normal. The bleeding is your body’s way of helping to get rid of the bacteria that are hiding below the gum-line, which the GumSaver® will help you to do. You will very quickly notice less bleeding, redness and soreness if you keep using it every day at first.

If you have bleeding gums you should see a reduction in the amount of blood within a few days, and a gradual improvement thereafter. For more complex cases, it can take 4-6 weeks for symptoms to completely resolve. You may also notice your gums receding slightly, which is completely normal as the red, inflamed tissue becomes tighter, more Pink in colour and healthier.

The GumSaver® brush is designed with super-soft bristles to make the process as gentle as possible, however, if you have gum disease and your gums are very inflamed, it will be uncomfortable for the first few days, and will provoke bleeding. Don’t worry! This is part of the natural healing process and usually means you’ve found the right spot. With perseverance, you will quickly notice a reduction in the bleeding, before it stops altogether. The gums will tighten up and become more pink and healthy. GumSaver® won’t harm your gums when used as instructed. If you have any concerns, contact us or ask your dentist for further advice.

Depending on the severity of your gum disease, your brush should last between 6-12 weeks. Please note that the bristles are super-soft and designed to be as gentle as possible on sensitive gums. They may deform slightly, but can easily be straightened with clean fingertips.

The GumSaver® gum brush is very effective at healing your gums and resolving the symptoms of gum disease. It is always recommended that you visit a dentist or hygienist regularly for a check-up. Especially if you have symptoms which you are concerned about. Dentists are qualified to give you the best advice about all aspects of your teeth and gum health.

GumSaver® Limited is a UK based company and has engaged the services of a UK based manufacturer. We are proud to say that that the GumSaver® is made in the UK and is made to the highest quality standards (ISO 13485 Quality Standard).

Should you wish to purchase the GumSaver in wholesale quantities. You will need to apply for a trade account via our health professional section. The resale of GumSaver is expressly prohibited without prior consent.

By purchasing the GumSaver® brush you are not entitled to sell, duplicate or manufacture the GumSaver® brush / concept. Any breech will be liable to prosecution.

In the rare event of a faulty GumSaver® brush, we will replace the brush in good faith. We would expect the GumSaver® not to have been used, and returned to us in its original packaging, so tests can be carried out to determine the cause of failure.

Any returns should be addressed to:

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