The Evolution of a Dental Device.

One of our users explains what it was like to be the first person to use our GumSaver prototype and how it helped her cure her periodontitis and restored her confidence to smile.

Here at GumSaver we have cured many sufferers of gum disease, Robyn Dorling a sufferer of periodontitis was there right from the start of  The GumSaver development, she was the first patient with serious Gum Disease to use our unique dental device . She has watched The GumSaver evolve to where it is today.   After visiting her Dentist, Dr Hani Mostafa in February 2012,  he informed Robyn that she had a very severe case of gum disease, he measured her periodontist with a Perio probe.


On Robin’s Blog she informs the readers, “My measurements were off the scale (the computer couldn’t input gum recession that was over point 10) and my dentist confirmed that my estimation was correct; I was heading towards my teeth and gums no longer being attached.”


Robyn was given the prototype and instructed how to use The GumSaver, with the angled design and super-soft cone-shaped brush tips it allowed Robyn to clean underneath the gum line and get into areas that only a Dentist or a Hygienist could get to, getting rid of the bacteria.     She had noticed on her first use that her gums started to bleed, she was informed by Dr Hani that this was the body’s way of fighting the infection.


Within four months of regular use Robyn was able to restore her gum line back to it’s original healthy state.


The GumSaver Team would like to wish Robyn all the best with her oral health and appreciate all her help.   To read more on Robyn’s experiences of The GumSaver go to