GumSaver + Wisdom Interdental Brushes (20)

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GumSaver + Wisdom Interdental Brushes (20)


Easier than flossing, and a works hand in hand with GumSaver to help eliminate the bacteria that cause gingivitis and periodontal gum disease.

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Product Description

Wisdom clean between brushes are incredibly easy to use. They give gentle yet effective interdental cleaning whilst helping to minimize gum trauma. The flexible soft rubber sticks slide easily between your teeth, whilst the rubber bristles massage and stimulate your gums, helping to remove plaque and food particles.

Use regularly to help keep your teeth and gums healthy, help protect against gum disease and tooth decay and to keep your breath fresh. For optimal oral hygiene, in addition to your toothbrush, you need to use a product that cleans between your teeth. Daily use of an interdental product removes plaque, and thus helps prevent cavities and gum disease.


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