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Are Inactive Middle Aged Men More Prone To Gum Disease?

We all know that keeping active is good for us but did you know that you're more at risk of gum disease if you don't do some form of exercise in middle life? Here's why.

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5 Healthy Foods For Healthy Teeth And Gums

Can you boost your oral health by eating certain foods? Here we share 5 healthy foods that can also help your teeth and gums stay healthy too.

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Advice For Diabetics On Oral Hygiene

If you have diabetes it is extremely important you look after your oral hygiene and pay special attention to the health of your teeth and gums. Here we explain why and offer some tips for doing so.

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Dad Your Breath Stinks! Have You Got Bad Breath?

Do you children embarrass you by saying you have bad breath? If they do, you might want to thank them for alerting you to the early stages of gum disease. Find out why gum disease causes bad breath here.

By |June 15th, 2016|Healthy Lifestyles|0 Comments
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Healthy Bodies Need Healthy Gums

Mounting evidence from numerous studies points to links between gum disease and chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancers. Find out more about this subject in this post.

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Healthy Diets Equal Healthy Teeth And Gums

Healthy teeth and gums are not just about avoiding the 'bad' foods like sweets and fizzy drinks, it's also about having a healthy diet that provides the nutrients your teeth and gums require.

By |April 12th, 2016|Healthy Lifestyles|0 Comments
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