Our brush can cure bleeding gums  preventing  serious problems such as heart disease and diabetes.

GumSaver  cures gum disease, we feel it should also be part of your regular oral health routine no matter how old.

In a recent article in Scotland Newspaper, The Herald, Stephen Naysmith reports about concerns for oral health in care homes.


In the article he informs us that there have been distressing reports that thousands of elderly care home residents are in danger of suffering poor oral health in what is described by experts as a national scandal.



One recent survey of Glasgow care home residents suggested that more than 50 per cent needed dental treatment, with 6 per cent needing urgent care. Studies have also found that only around one fifth of care home patients are registered with a dentist.



Dr Robert Donald, chairman of the Scottish Dental Practice Committee wrote, “Sadly, oral care is not a priority in these busy places. You will not be dentally assessed on admission and your daily care plan will not include intra-oral care. You can certainly forget your regular dental examinations.”



He continued, “The problem can be exacerbated by syrupy medicines or inadequate cleaning of partial dentures”  he added.  “Although some care home staff have oral health training, high staff turnover and heavy workloads can undermine this”


On a recent visit to Glasgow Dr Hani Mostafa was informed by a Dental Hygienist that GumSaver due to it’s shape and angles would be an ideal device for helping those in care, as flossing was something carers found difficult to do.


Here at GumSaver we would like to reach out to any residential care homes, we feel that the elderly should not be overlooked when it comes to dental care, we feel that the GumSaver would help carers with the task of residents oral health.



To read Stephen’s article in full please go here