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Gaps Look Cute In Children’s Teeth: But Not Adults!

Tooth loss in children as a result of losing milk teeth is natural, but tooth loss in adults is not a milestone you should be celebrating. Tips for prevention here.

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  • Alzheimer's, gum disease

Links Between Gum Disease And Alzheimer’s

Studies show a potential link between Alzheimer's and gum disease. Here we offer advice and for those affected by these conditions, and support for carers.

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  • children, gum disease

Can Children Get Gum Disease?

If you thought gum disease was just a problem for adults, think again. Although gum disease isn't as common in children they are at risk. Advice here for parents on how to protect your children's teeth and gums.

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Help Your Elderly Relatives Look After Their Gums And Teeth

One of the unfortunate side effects of old age is that we can get more dental problems. If you're caring for an elderly relative these tips will help minimise these issues and increase the chances of keeping their teeth and gums problem free.

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  • smokers, risk of gum disease

Are You A Smoker? Why You’re More At Risk Of Gum Disease

Are you a smoker? Alongside other health problems smokers are significantly more at risk of gum disease than non smokers. Here we share why and offer some advice for reducing your chances of gum disease and tips for diagnosing it early.

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  • pregnancy gingivitis

Bleeding Gums In Pregnancy: Have You Got Pregnancy Gingivitis?

Pregnant women are susceptible to pregnancy gingivitis (gum disease) as hormone changes affect how the body copes with bacteria in the mouth. Advice here...

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