Bad breath (halitosis) is an embarrassing but common problem. Many of us suffer mild halitosis after eating certain foods or when we have a respiratory infection. But sometimes bad breath can be the first sign of gum disease, and this is when you need to take action.

What Causes Bad Breath?

One prominent cause of bad breath (halitosis) is the bacteria that live in the biofilm (plaque). They emit foul-smelling gases, the main symptom of halitosis. These bacteria live on the surface of your teeth beneath the gum line, not only causing bad breath but potentially causing gum disease.

How can GumSaver help?

By disrupting the formation of biofilm on the tooth surface below the gum line, the GumSaver can provide a long term solution to help prevent and treat bad breath. Unlike sprays and mouthwashes, the GumSaver treats the cause of halitosis, rather than attempting to mask and conceal bad smelling breath.

The GumSaver system incorporates a soft bristled tool specifically designed to remove bacteria from beneath the gum line.  It’s a three-step cleaning technique designed to make the task of looking after gums and teeth simple for dental professionals and patients.