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National Smile Month

Here at Gumsaver we are celebrating National Smile Month 2014, which runs from 19th May to the 19th June. It is a national campaign aiming to help people attain the perfect smile and gain a greater level of dental hygiene. Here at Gumsaver we wanted to do our bit to help a very worthy cause so we have put together our very own top tips to help you with your smile.


Top tips to Get The Perfect Smile.

1. When brushing your teeth think of them as gems, each one of them is like an individual precious stone, the more time and care you spend cleaning & polishing them the cleaner and brighter your smile will be.

2. Eating fresh fruit and vegetables is not only great for your general health, but also fantastic for your oral health, Fruit and vegetables with a crunchy bite, like carrots, apples and celery, will also help keep your teeth and bite strong and healthy.

3. Brushing your teeth twice a day, especially before bed is always recommended. We also recommend brushing your teeth in the early evening, when you are less tired and more focused on your brushing technique.


4. We advise that you should regularly examine your teeth brushing method using a mirror. This will allow you to improve your technique and view the harder to access areas of your mouth which are often neglected. Using a mirror will also let you target specific areas that require more attention when brushing.


5. Make sure you change your toothbrush regularly as a worn brush will not be as effective to clean your teeth with. If you are not sure if your brush needs to be replaced or if your brush is right for you, take your toothbrush with you when you visit your dentist or hygienist.


6. Always clean in between your teeth using floss, or interdental brushes. Using just your tooth brush may make your teeth look clean, but bacteria can be hidden in the hard to access areas which can cause bad breath and bleeding gums


7. If you suffer sore gums, or your gums bleed persistently, you may find your are suffering with Gingivitis or Gum Disease. GumSaver can help cure these symptoms by helping to clean in those hard to reach areas allowing you to clean between your teeth and below the gum line , where food particles can gather and create harmful bacteria.


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