“We need to bring together and engage specialists, students, general dentistry providers and the general public, providing the necessary information to radically transform the future of gum disease management. It is through education that we will be able to use straightforward, patient focused techniques to really make a difference.”

dr. Hani Mostafa Gumsaver inventor, stop gum disease

A passion for GumSaver and Prevention of Periodontal Gum Disease

Dr. Hani Mostafa, Founder and inventor of Gumsaver

Hani qualified at the Royal London Hospital of Medicine and Dentistry in 1998.  He has a special interest in the management of anxious patients, and gained a diploma in hypnotherapy in 2010.  He currently runs his own dental practice in Leamington Spa and has spent the past six years focusing on specialist dental hygiene techniques.

A few words from Dr. Hani Mostafa on GumSaver

“I have been a practising dentist for 14 years. In that time I have become increasingly frustrated and disappointed by the inevitability of tooth loss amongst patients with gum disease. In 2009 I had my ‘eureka’ moment. I needed to design a brush that would enable my patients to clean hard to reach areas below the gum line without a visit to the dentist. One particular night I went to the surgery and started to play around with some inter-space brush heads and acrylic. It was there that I fashioned the very first Gumsaver®.

In the following two years, I worked closely with my patients and design team, to produce the Gumsaver® that you see before you today – a soft bristled tool specifically designed to remove the bacteria from beneath the gum line and between the teeth.”