Children are very good at telling you things you don’t want to hear and they’re brilliant at embarrassing their parents in public! All parents have stories to tell about their offspring sharing sensitive information in supermarkets, at school and loudly on public transport, and I suspect that ‘yuck, your breath stinks’ is something many people have heard.

It’s a good job too! Those of us without a walking, talking honesty box could spend our lives with spinach in our teeth, shirts tucked into our underpants, and stinky breath because adults aren’t very good at telling each other about these things. We don’t want to embarrass each other or hurt their feelings, when actually most people would appreciate a bit of a tip off.

Bad Breath: Why You Need To Know

If your son or daughter says ‘Dad, your breath stinks!’ – even on Father’s Day when they should be pandering to your every need – say ‘thank you’. Because what they may be doing is giving you a very useful heads up that you have gum disease. Yes, it might not be news you want to hear and they may do it at an inconvenient moment in front of an audience, but they could be preventing you a lot of discomfort, visits to the dentist and even loss of teeth.

Bad breath is an early indicator of gum disease. This isn’t bad breath from eating lots of garlic or from smoking – although if you do smoke you will be more at risk of gum disease anyway. It’s halitosis (bad breath) caused by bacteria that live in plaque, emitting foul-smelling gases – yuck. It’s this bacteria living below the gum line that can cause gum disease when left unchecked. So if you have persistent bad breath that can’t be attributed to any other factors, you are highly likely to have the early stages of gum disease, otherwise know as gingivitis.

How To Treat Bad Breath

While there are plenty of mouthwashes, rinses and sprays available to mask bad breath, if the bacteria is left in place you won’t be treating the cause. Fortunately, the solution is pretty simple. Brush and floss regularly, use interdentals to thoroughly clean in between teeth, and invest in a GumSaver to get at those pesky bacteria emitting their foul-smelling gases below the gum line.

There’s lots of advice on this blog about how to brush and establish a really effective oral care routine. Parents may also like to read this post on getting your children to look after their teeth, and it’s equally useful for adults too.

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GumSaver helps cure gum disease

With its unique angles and long handle, GumSaver cleans away bacteria around crowns, bridgework, implants and braces where other brushes, interdentals and floss can’t reach, making the job less time consuming and fiddly. You get fantastic results that last!

Reduces gum inflammation and sensitivity
• Stops bleeding gums quickly
• Heals your gums so bacteria can’t get into the bloodstream
• Super-soft bristles are gentle on sensitive gums