Everyone would like healthy gums and teeth, and with the advances in dental care over the last 20 years, people are able to keep their teeth in great condition well into old age. Over this period of time there have also been real advances in the different types of toothpaste available. Today toothpaste will not only help clean your teeth, but also help treat dental conditions, like gum disease and sensitivity. There are even toothpastes that will help whiten your teeth.

Despite these developments many people have used the same toothpaste for much of their adult lives, and their choice of toothpaste is often either a question of brand loyalty or price.


Healthy gums need hydration!

Your toothpaste should act as a cleanser with a light abrasive action to help remove plaque and prevent build up of the tartar (Calculus) which can form below the gum line and irritate your gums. However some brands of toothpaste can leave the mouth feeling dry and parched.

Sodium Laurate Sulphate is a chemical agent that is found in many toothpastes and dental products,  it creates a foaming effect in the mouth that makes cleaning feel easier and  fresher. Some users find that the Sodium Laurate drys out the skin in the mouth and makes mouth feel irritated and dry.

If your toothpaste makes your mouth feel like this it may be time to change your toothpaste.

Natural toothpastes can help stop bleeding gums and gum disease

Mother nature has provided us with a number of chemical free ways to stop gum disease and bleeding gums.

Aloe Vera, Camphor, Eucalyptus, Salt, and baking soda can all be used to clean the teeth and gums. Helping naturally in the fight against periodontal gum disease. Using a GumSaver, many people suffering with bleeding gums have the perfect tool to apply, clean and massage their gums, with their chosen natural alternative to toothpaste. The GumSaver allows better access to clean the hardest to reach parts of your mouth, than a normal toothbrush.

History has shown that nature has its own ways of fighting back against gum disease. For many people using a natural alternative to toothpaste has produced excellent results, without suffering from a dry or irritated mouth and gums. It is often worth the extra effort of using a natural cleansing product alongside your regular toothpaste to help in the fight against periodontal gum disease.

For more information on natural remedies that can be used in conjunction with the GumSaver contact us today!