Do your gums bleed after you brush your teeth?

Do you struggle to floss or find it hard to clean around your braces, crowns or implants?

GumSaver® is for you !

Invented by UK dentist, Dr. Hani Mostafa.  The innovative GumSaver® brush is specially designed for people to effectively manage their gum health at home.

This super-soft bristled brush can be used on the most sensitive gums.  It makes it easy for you to clean away the bacteria hiding below the gum-line and in all those awkward to reach areas around your gums, where flossing, interdental brushes and regular tooth-brushing can’t reach.

This significantly reduces the symptoms of sore, bleeding and inflamed gums in between visits to the hygienist. Used regularly, you can get rid of all your symptoms and maintain fantastic oral hygiene.  Visits to the hygienist for a scale and polish will be much less painful too, as your gums won’t be inflamed and sore by the time you go for your appointment.

of GumSaver® patients saw significant improvement
of the adult population have a degree of Gum Disease
of the adult population are affected by Bleeding Gums

GumSaver® Features

With its unique angles and long handle, GumSaver® gives the user access to all areas.  It works wonders to clean around crowns, bridgework, implants and braces too, making the job less time consuming and fiddly.  You get fantastic results that last!

  • Reduces gum inflammation and sensitivity
  • Stops bleeding gums quickly
  • Effectively cleans away bacteria where other brushes, interdentals and floss can’t reach
  • Heals your gums so bacteria can’t get into the bloodstream
  • Super-soft bristles are gentle on sensitive gums
  • Pointy ends make easy work of cleaning around implants, crowns and braces
  • Long handle and unique angles give you better access, making cleaning quick and easy